Financial optimisation

As the CEO of your business, you’re used to drawing up your financial statements and plans. But what about when it comes to protecting your own financial future? Have you taken out a guaranteed income policy? What about your pension? Do you have term life insurance? Are your investments tax-efficient? As an independent broker, it’s our pleasure to help you optimise and regularly review (through e-GOR) your personal financial plan.

Our solutions

The added value of financial optimisation

Protecting your professional activities is one thing. Making sure you and your family are able to reap what you sow later is something else entirely. We offer investment and insurance advice to give you peace of mind, however things turn out.

Capital management

No one can know what the future will bring, but you can prepare better. We will help you put together your own portfolio to invest and protect your capital. Our investment mixes give you different ways to combine return, transparency, flexibility and security. Our knowhow helps you choose the right solution for the overwhelming range of packages and companies.

Wealth protection

You and your next of kin bear a financial risk due to accident or illness in the event of hospitalisation, occupational disability or death. As an insurance broker, our role is to help you identify those risks and put the right protection in place. Your ambitions, needs and wants are our guiding principles in our quest for the best fit with your personal situation, based on our insurance solutions.

Our solutions

Investment account

Pension account

This is what we offer.

We work with discretion on the solutions that will enable you to enjoy a comfortable and secure future.

  • Analysis of your personal situation and wishes; discretion guaranteed
  • Protection in the event of illness, accident and death
  • Personalised retirement plan based on your expectations

About Group Claeys

Group Claeys Insurance Brokers was created by a merger of three independent brokers, Germain Claeys, Vandendriessche and De Clerck. This was a logical step on the fast-moving insurance market. It enables us to retain our power and independence with regard to the insurance companies. And gives us the scale to continue to invest in the knowledge, digitisation and people needed to maintain our focus on our clients.

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