Art insurance

Are you an avid collector of fine art? You’ll want optimal protection for your collection. Any time. Any place. Our insurance provides 100% cover.

We understand the art of insurance

Our art insurance provides extensive protection. For instance, all new acquisitions, at home or abroad, are immediately included in your existing policy, including during transport home. And if your insured art is damaged, our policies cover restoration fees and any loss of value. Nothing is left to chance.

  • Global cover
  • Insured against all risks 
  • Personalised insurance packages for private collectors, galleries and professionals 
  • New acquisitions covered as standard

Insure your paintings, artworks, collector’s items and art collections.

Like to know our insurance plan for you?

Everyone lives their own life. With that in mind, as an independent broker with more than 50 years’ experience we offer you a personalised insurance plan. We conduct a detailed analysis of your current insurance package, comparing conditions and prices, and identify shortcomings and double cover.

More than products, we provide solutions that give you optimal peace of mind. Interested to know what we can do for you?

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