Professional insurance

Local or international Risk is unavoidable in business. In our digital world, it’s essential to properly protect your corporate and personal assets. We draw on more than 50 years’ experience in corporate and SME insurance to provide optimal advice every time. We closely monitor market trends and amendments to laws.

Our solutions

Business insurance is our métier

As an independent broker and family office, Group Claeys has specialised in business insurance since 1965. We have a thorough understanding of the needs of (family) businesses. Small firms or large, the self-employed or liberal professions.

Whatever your line, our extensive insurance range ensures you always have the cover you need, so you can focus on your business.

More than the best personalised insurance

Group Claeys offers much more than a wide range of personalised business insurance.

  • Our international network of independent partners means we can provide insurance worldwide through our foreign branches.
  • We have our own insurance terms and conditions for niches, such as garages, hospitality, construction and the medical sector.
  • We protect your company and your assets, giving business managers financial security.
  • Businesses benefit from a package discount and attractive Group Claeys terms and conditions.
  • We will put together a personalised insurance package tailored to the needs of your fleet.
  • Our cyber insurance protects you from the impacts of cyber crime and data breaches.

You can always count on us

Your insurance is managed by our people with the utmost care. We will put together a personalised insurance package tailored to the needs of your fleet. In person or online.

Our claims team comprises ten specialists, each one an expert in their field, who are ready to visit you to provide assistance for your claim assessment as needed.

A free audit

Group Claeys is happy to analyse your insurance portfolio free of charge. Whether you’re an SME, a large company or self-employed, we always find the solution that fits you best. With independent advice, tailored specifically to you.

We not only review your current insurance and check for any double cover, we also analyse how well you are insured against business risks. At the right price.

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Our solutions

Your business premises

To protect your interests, it’s essential that you insure your business against the biggest risks.

Your employees

You can protect and create a stronger bond with your people by granting them fringe benefits.

Your fleet

We ensure your company vehicles are properly insured and your people are fully protected when they hit the road.

Your liability

Are you a company manager who’s looking to secure your future? There are a host of insurance solutions
to optimise your tax bill we’d like to discuss with you.

Your cyber risks

In our digital age it’s essential to protect your computer systems from cyber attacks and other incidents.

About Group Claeys

Group Claeys Insurance Brokers was created by a merger of three independent brokers, Germain Claeys, Vandendriessche and De Clerck. This was a logical step on the fast-moving insurance market. It enables us to retain our power and independence with regard to the insurance companies. And gives us the scale to continue to invest in the knowledge, digitisation and people needed to maintain our focus on our clients.

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